Crane Composites

Crane Composites Inc., a subsidiary of Crane Co. (CR – NYSE), is the world’s leading provider of fiber-reinforced composite materials. We combine our understanding of customer needs with our expertise in materials, process and technology to deliver solutions that replace traditional metals and woods. Our composite products offer superior performance characteristics, such as strength, durability and minimal weight. Since 1954, we have been using new technologies to pioneer products into industrial and commercial applications, while earning numerous patents and a reputation for industry leadership.Formerly known as Kemlite Company, Crane Composites features an expanded roster of products, including Zenicon, the new benchmark in thermoplastic composite materials.



Nudo Products

Nudo Products Inc. manufactures laminated Sanitary panel systems utilized in a variety of agricultural, commercial, and institutional applications.  Panels consist of fiberglass reinforced plastic, high- density polyethylene, aluminum outer surfaces on various wood substrates, foam, and gypsum cores.In addition, Nudo Products Inc. sells fiberglass reinforced plastic panels, head and seat board panels, sign panels, synthetic ice rink panels, Ground-Breaker foundation panels,  Truck Trailer Products,  Mezzanine Decking Panels,  Poly-Metal Nano and Nu-Plank.



Tite Bond

Titebond offers the industry’s most trusted construction adhesive.