Steel Studs and Track


Clark-Dietrich Metal Framing, a Worthington Industries Company, is the leading manufacturer of light-gauge framing and finishing products, systems and services for commercial and residential construction. They offer the largest selection of light-gauge framing and finishing products including drywall and structural framing, floor joists, roof trusses, metal lath, fire-rated assemblies, numerous deflection systems and an extensive line of metal, vinyl, veneer, paper-faced, plaster and stucco beads and trims.

Marino\WARE offers the best in new product development and support. The FrameRite Building Systems is a group of innovative engineered products designed for time and cost savings. With the introduction of FrameRite in 2004 Marino\WARE launched JoistRite, an engineered “trade friendly” open web C joist with large openings able to outperform competitive products, TrussRite, an engineered lightweight steel truss system and the next generation of StudRite, an engineered “trade friendly” open web C stud. These are all systems and contain engineered accessories to save the contractors valuable labor costs.


Flex-Ability Concepts pioneered the development of flexible track products. Patented Flex-C Trac was the first framing product that could be curved by hand right on the jobsite and has become the brand by which all others are measured. Its ease of use and durable reliability have made it indispensable to architects who like to design without the constraint of straight lines and for contractors who now have a fast, effective way of constructing those designs. Products include Flex-C Trac and Flex-C Plate, Flex-C Angle, Flex-C Arch, Flex-C Header and Flex Lite. These light gauge steel framing products are used to build curved metal or wood structures. They can be used to frame curved walls, barrel ceilings, wavy ceilings, s-curves, columns, arch ways, curved soffits, light coves and acoustical clouds.