Clay Flue Material

Logan Clay Company

Logan Clay makes the most durable sanitary sewer pipe you can install. Clay is the only material that is consistently resistant to the kinds of corrosive compounds that critically degrade other pipe. Because it’s inert, clay has a natural resistance to chemicals from hydrogen sulfide to solvents such as ammonia, acetone and turpentine. Clay also provides the strength necessary to support backfill loads. With clay pipe, the pipe is part of the structure.



Superior Clay

In an age where everything is go go go and the emphasis is most always on quantity, not quality, it’s nice to know there’s a company out there that still believes old fashioned craftsmanship teamed with first class customer service is all the technology they need. Welcome to Superior Clay. Where the products we make are hand crafted with a passionate attention to detail. And the service and support we provide is what you might expect from a trusted friend.